Working Towards Female Empowerment One Step At A Time

Focused exclusively on female empowerment and community development, Women4Women is a dynamic NGO increasingly making an impact on the South African socio-economic landscape. Founded by former Miss South Africa and local businesswomen, Cindy Nell-Roberts, Women4Women has launched several successful initiatives that aim to mobilize economic growth through a strategy that places the interests of women firmly at the centre.

It’s the realization of a long-term dream for Nell-Roberts who believes that active participation in social upliftment is a moral obligation that many South Africans are loath to admit. She says: “It’s my intention to do everything that I can to give back and help to create a more advantageous future for as many women as possible. I truly believe that those who are fortunate enough to be in a position that allows them to give back should do so, and I intend on utilizing my years of experience in the industry and corporate affiliations to follow through on this.”

With this in mind, Women4Women has clear objectives when it comes to approaching the challenges faced by many women in South African society. Importantly, it’s an approach that is multidimensional in nature. For Nell-Roberts and her team, the help that they can offer extends to facilitating corporate funding for female entrepreneurs, connecting mentors with underprivileged youth, skills development workshops or something as simple as offering make-up tutorial lessons that help build a greater sense of self-worth. In short, Women4Women is able to assist on a variety of levels in order to ultimately bring about job creation, increased income levels, the growth of female-owned businesses and entrepreneurship as well as empowering females of all ages and from all spheres of life to improve their circumstances. Read More Here


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