Cindy Nell Roberts Launches Female Empowerment Foundation

cindy nell launches female empowerment foundation

There’s no doubt one woman can make a difference but a group of women standing together can rock the world! Need proof? Just ask former Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell-Roberts. The former beauty queen and entrepreneur is doing her bit to help women find their voice and the power of strength in numbers though a new development and empowerment-based NGO, Women4Women. With a focuses on uplifting females across the country, Women4Women has big things planned for the ladies of South Africa.

Nell-Roberts, founded Women4Women as a way to spark change and empower women and communities in South Africa by placing the interests of women at the centre of every initiative. The organisation is multidimensional in nature, offering assistance and support in various ways including facilitating corporate funding for female entrepreneurs, connecting mentors with underprivileged youth, and skills development workshops.


And it’s not just about big talk, the NGO is making big progress too. Women4Women is helping to improve job creation, increase income levels and growth of female-owned businesses, and ultimately aims to empower all females to improve their circumstances. But Nell-Roberts and her team can’t do it alone, they need like minded ladies to show their support as well. There are loads of ways women can get involved in helping the organisation achieve their goals and help women across the country.  Read More Here


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